"the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally"

Rachel McKenna Mindfulness

One moment at a time

There are many benefits to incorporating daily mindfulness into your life. These include; better quality of sleep, improved concentration, equanimity, emotional intelligence, the ability to relate to others and oneself with kindness and compassion, pain management, increased confidence and better control over anxiety- to name a few 

Rachel McKenna Mindfulness, (formerly 'Colour Your World' and previously Rachel Ashcroft), is a mindfulness and well-being company founded in 2017 by a school teacher and accredited teacher of Mindfulness and Meditation, Rachel McKenna.  

Based in the heart of the Midlands, Rachel travels up and down the country delivering high-quality, fun and engaging mindfulness sessions and workplace training to promote a healthier and calmer lifestyle, through mindfulness practices. 

Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness Logo
Rachel Ashcroft in a classroom with some children talking them through a mindfulness activity.

With a primary focus on boosting confidence, self-esteem and building resilience, Rachel McKenna Mindfulness works to support teachers and children in schools, delivers group workshops and workplace wellbeing training sessions and also works with participants on a one-to-one basis. 

Rachel offers a range of services to different groups and individuals, from kids and teachers in school sessions to workplace mindfulness for corporate and business customers and their employees. Rachel also supports private groups and individuals.

Mindfulness teacher training sessions are also available. Rachel is a qualified Mindfulness Now practitioner and offers Mindfulness courses aimed at those looking to train and offer mindfulness themselves.

  • Rachel McKenna in a classroom with some children talking them through a mindfulness activity.

    Mindfulness for schools

    We understand that each school is different and unique, so our mindfulness for schools teaches mindfulness in fun, engaging and informative ways.
    Discover Mindfulness for schools
  • Businessman addressing corporate colleagues at a meeting

    Mindfulness at work

    Our mindfulness at work programmes can really contribute to a healthy workplace, environment, and help with employee well-being and stress levels.
    Discover Mindfulness at work
  • A woman expressing her opinion to a group of 3 other men and another woman. They all look quite engaged.

    Mindfulness for individuals and groups

    Mindfulness sessions for individuals and groups to support you, or your family and friends.
    Discover Mindfulness for individuals and groups
  • A black and white photo of a father and very young daughter doing some colouring.

    Mindfulness for kids

    Programmes of mindfulness for kids, specially tailored for children and their parents or guardians.
    Discover Mindfulness for kids
  • Mindfulness Now logo with teacher training on a purple sky

    Mindfulness Now Teacher Training

    Want to teach mindfulness yourself? Our accredited Mindfulness Now programme can help you become a mindfulness practitioner.
    Discover Mindfulness Now Teacher Training

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