Mindfulness for kids

programmes of mindfulness tailored to children and their parents or guardians
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Mindfulness for kids

Children need to de-stress, too!

“I’m often asked, ‘do children get stressed like adults do?’… unfortunately, the answer is, ‘of course they do’. However, I’m a firm believer in supporting children as early as we possibly can to equip them with the tools to be more resilient, confident, to be given the understanding of how to reduce their stress and anxiety and have higher self-esteem so that they may see the world in a more ‘colourful’ way. This is where my mindfulness for kids and parents programme is so beneficial.”

Join Rachel McKenna live online over a series of 4 consecutive weeks whereby your children can learn and implement some of the key benefits to mindfulness. Sessions can be booked as one to one, sibling sessions, parent and child or in small friendship groups.

Mindfulness is about bringing ourselves into the present moment, through repeated practise over a period of time. A little like learning a new instrument for the first time, mindfulness takes consistent practise and requires a daily commitment of just a few minutes per day to really start to notice the benefits. During your time together, Rachel will share the importance of making a little time to be mindful each day and how this can be done in simple, manageable ways… which are fun and engaging! Whoever said mindfulness had to be serious?!

The work that we do is gentle and Rachel will allow plenty of time for the children to ask questions and to share their experience as they move through each session.

  • Rachel McKenna holds an enhanced DBS and is fully licenced and insured.
  • Discounts are available for sibling sessions.

I enjoyed looking at things in more detail and focussing on my breathing - age 9

I used breathing when I felt mad when I was out with my mum – age 6

 I will work on my positive mindset every day. I know how powerful my thoughts are – age 11

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