Mindfulness for individuals and groups

one on one or group sessions to support you
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Mindfulness for individuals and groups

Mindfulness can be taught as one-to-one sessions, or in groups.

Often group sessions work best as many of the benefits of mindfulness come from shared experiences, being open and honest with others or going through a mindfulness programme together.

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to incorporate mindfulness into their lives. We offer a range of different services which can be tailored to individual needs.

Sessions can include being guided through meditations, incorporating some mind/body gentle movement (tailored to meet everyone’s needs!) and positive, thought-provoking discussions whereby you will reflect on your life and situation and discover how you can live more mindfully.

Remember, thoughts are not things. You can’t pick up a thought, it’s just in your mind. Once you realise you have control over your thoughts, you learn to manage and balance them to benefit you and your life

Rachel McKenna

Here's just some of the benefits of mindfulness for individuals and groups

deal with stress
increase your energy
increase productivity
find time for yourself
live in the moment
increase empathy
focus your thoughts

Testimonials for Mindfulness for individuals and groups

We really value what our clients views are on our service. Whilst different people achieve and take away from each session is different and whilst we always ask for feedback on meditations and other practice, some were kind enough to give us a review after their session or programme and you can read some of them here.
James Round

I joined Rachel on some sessions she was doing for a community group I am a member of. It was at a difficult time in my life and Rachel’s consistent joy, positivity and gentle guidance were a continuing inspiration for me to turn things around. She was always attentive, listened carefully and gave everyone attending a chance to feedback on how her practice was influencing them. I’d highly recommend Rachel to anyone considering mindfulness or going through a tough or stressful time.

Rosie Gardner

I had a great session where I learnt some brilliant breathing techniques that have been helping me regularly ever since. Rachel was really friendly and approachable during the session helping me to relax straight away. I would highly recommend!