Mindfulness Services

for companies, schools, children, groups and individuals
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  • Rachel McKenna in a classroom with some children talking them through a mindfulness activity.

    Mindfulness for schools

    We understand that each school is different and unique, so our mindfulness for schools teaches mindfulness in fun, engaging and informative ways.
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  • Businessman addressing corporate colleagues at a meeting

    Mindfulness at work

    Our mindfulness at work programmes can really contribute to a healthy workplace, environment, and help with employee well-being and stress levels.
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  • A woman expressing her opinion to a group of 3 other men and another woman. They all look quite engaged.

    Mindfulness for individuals and groups

    Mindfulness sessions for individuals and groups to support you, or your family and friends.
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  • A black and white photo of a father and very young daughter doing some colouring.

    Mindfulness for kids

    Programmes of mindfulness for kids, specially tailored for children and their parents or guardians.
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  • Mindfulness Now logo with teacher training on a purple sky

    Mindfulness Now Teacher Training

    Want to teach mindfulness yourself? Our accredited Mindfulness Now programme can help you become a mindfulness practitioner.
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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment—and accepting it without judgment. It’s a way to calm your mind and body, and focus on your thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness has been linked with a wide range of benefits, including improved mental health, reduced stress levels, better sleep quality, increased self-awareness, increased productivity and more.
Rocks balanced on top of each other on a beach with a blue sky behind them

Mindfulness Now Teacher Training

Research has shown that mindfulness meditation offers powerful health and well-being benefits. Qualified teachers can be in high demand, teaching 1-to-1, as well as in groups and within organisations.